PalayStat hosts an interactive web-based system called the Socioeconomic Rice-Based Information System (SERBIS), which provides easy access to the outputs of the Rice-Based Farm Household Survey and other significant accomplishments of Socioeconomics Division.

SERBIS provides 41 national and provincial-level summary tables regarding social profile, farm profile, crop establishment, seeds and varieties, pest management, nutrient management, cost and returns, marketing practices, yield, labor and mechanization. Users are able to customize data for summary tables, and save it as a spreadsheet. SERBIS also includes 43 GIS visualizations with more to be uploaded.

Provincial Overviews provides provincial-level data regarding total palay produced, total rice area harvested, average yield of palay in hectare, local production and utilization in the specified province.

Survey results contains data from PalayStat’s nationwide survey of rice farm households conducted every 5 years since 1996. Survey data include demographic data of farmers, farm details, crop establishment, seeds and varieties planted, pest management, nutrient management, financial costs and returns, yield, credit information, marketing practices, and labor and mechanization. Users can create and download customizable datasets.

Rice statistics contains customizable datasets using Philippine Statistics Authority’s yearly statistics on rice farming and the rice industry. Available datasets include palay/rice supply and demand, input-use and productions costs, and palay marketing. Users can create and download customizable datasets.

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