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The National Commission for Culture and the Arts provides data from the Philippine Registry of Cultural Property (PRECUP) which is a repository of information related to culturally properties. The registry was established through Article V Section 4 of the National Heritage Act of 2009 Republic Act 10066. The main page contains maps of registered cultural properties, inventories of registered properties, works from national artists, forms to submit cultural properties, and internal reports from the registry.

PRECUP Overview

If there is specific data you want to access, explore the following:​

  • PRECUP Brochure
  • National Cultural Properties Map
  • Local Cultural Properties Map
  • Cultural Properties Inventory
  • Local Cultural Property Submissions
  • Works of National Artists

PRECUP Brochure :

This brochure provides information on what the PRECUP is, why it was created, and how to submit properties to be registered.


The PRECUP Map marks all the cultural properties of the Philippines submitted to the PRECUP. The map includes:

  • Historical landmarks
  • Cultural treasures
  • Historical markers
  • UNESCO inscriptions
  • Works of national artists
  • ASEAN inscriptions
  • Local cultural properties
  • Registered properties
  • Intangible cultural heritage sites
  • Classified historic structures

Local Cultural Properties Map:

This is map of local cultural heritage from the submitted cultural inventories of Philippine local government units (LGUs). It includes registered properties and local cultural properties.

Cultural Properties Inventory:

This drive contains the inventory of properties registered with the PRECUP. It has data available for properties nationwide and separated by region. The drive also contains information on Works from national artists.

Inventory of Property Submissions:

The NCAA collects data on groups and provinces that have submitted a cultural property, the data of the submission, the property location, and the submission approval status.

PRECUP Submissions Map:

This is a map of Local Government Units (LGUs) that have submitted their cultural inventories to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) or has existing local government legislations protecting its cultural heritage.

Works of National Artists:

The PRECUP collects data on works from national artists. This data for each work includes:

  • Name of the work
  • Medium/Type
  • Date of creation
  • Artist
  • Source of the work

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