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The World Bank collects data on the Philippines regarding social, economic, environmental, political, and other institutional indicators. This data is available in the form of a data download and the World Bank creates data visualizations for major indicators. They World Bank also houses the DataBank which is a data catalog containing all of the indicator statistics and the metadata for these statistics.

World Bank Data Overview

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Data from the World Bank Philippines overview on development indicators is downloadable in the form of a CSV, XML, or Excel Sheet. The data collected starts from 1960 although not all indicators are covered during the entirety of the range.

Philippines DataBank

The World Bank’s DataBank a data catalog and visualisation tool that contains data on a variety of indicators and sectors. The data collected starts from 1990 and can be displayed as a table, chart, or map. DataBank data and metadata can be downloaded in an Excel, CSV, or Tabbed TXT format.

Philippines Country Profile

The World Bank’s country profile for the Philippines is a table that contains major statistics starting from 1990. These statistics include data regarding population, health, education, environment, financial markets, and global relations. The table can be downloaded as an Excel, CSV, Tabbed TXT, and PDF File.

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